Waste Disposal and Recycling Services

Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Oils – non-Chlorinated
Solidly Oil Waste
Oil Contaminated Soils
Diesel straight or mixed w/ oils in drums
~with bulk used oil pick-up

Bulk Waters/Frac Tank (depends on contaminants)

C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. Sells:

-Burning Fuel: Industrial Use (#400) and waste oil for burners.
-Re-refined Antifreeze: all makes available to meet ASTM Specs.
-275 gallon tanks, both plastic and steel. Larger sizes available.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Flammable, Solvents, Paint Thinners
Gasoline, Recoverable Fuels
Used Oil mixed w/ Solvents
-Metal Sludges & Plating Wastes
dependent upon metals used and TCLP analysis.
-Acids & Caustics dependent upon type and concentration.
Oil w/ >50ppb PCBs
Paint (oil-based)
Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaners
Gasoline Sludge
Heavily Contaminated Water (Incineration)
Wastewater Bottoms/Sludge Hazardous Determination
Bulk Hazardous Waste
• Characterization may be needed to determine firm price
• Drum prices include transportation
• All Forms and Paperwork completed by Principal Enviromental

Waste Oil "Drop Off":

C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. has available to the public a 400 gallon waste oil collection tank. Please see receptionist for paperwork to be filled out. This tank is for The D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself) Customer who wants to remain environmentally conscious and recycle their oil. There are no charges to drop off the oil.